Color: Black Cat
Rank: Team Captain

Weapon: Eye of Bastet Amulet
Biggest Fear: Leaving his team behind

Thriller is the Captain and mentor of The Scare D. Cat team. He was once a lab-cat owned by a British Scientist named Dr. Ramis who discovered the awakening of an ancient swarm of dark, parasitic spirits determined to cover the world in darkness. With Thriller by his side, the Dr. also learned the long-lost Egyptian Secrets of the CAT’S EYE: A mythical ability that allowed cats to use their glowing eyes to expose and destroy these fear hungry parasites.

The Government soon took interest in the Dr.’s paranormal research and took over his findings, creating a top secret military force called the SCARE DEFENSE CORPS. With the help of  Ramis and Thriller, they trained a small team of lab-cats, and developed hi-tech cat weapons to aid them in their paranormal research. But the military got too ambitious.

Late one night, during a dangerous investigation, the experimental cat team was tragically lost, and Thriller was wounded, losing his Cat’s Eye abilities. The Scare D. Cat program was deemed too dangerous and shut down. Dr. Ramis was betrayed and imprisoned along with his research, leaving Thriller abandoned and left to fend for himself in the Dr.’s old manor/ laboratory.

Alone, battered, but with a ray of hope, and the last remaining Scare D. Weapons buried within the depths of the old laboratory, Thriller discovers a group of abandoned young cats worthy enough to train and pass on his secret knowledge. Together they are THE SCARE D. CATS (Scare Defense Cats), here to secretly defend the world from Fear Creepers set on ruling the world in darkness.

Specter is compassionate, level-headed, and has strong psychic abilities. When Specter was young, her six year old owner Melody was her entire world. Young Melody was haunted by a Closet Creeper that would steal her breath in the night. Specter’s natural Cat’s Eye instincts helped her fend off the creature during the attacks. Unfortunately, Melody came down with a mysterious illness that brought on severe Asthma attacks, and her doctors diagnosed her with an allergy to her cat Specter.

Tragically, Melody’s family had to take Specter to an animal Shelter and Melody was left with no protection from the Creeper. She went missing soon after. Fortunately, Specter meets a group of abandoned misfit cats much like herself, and together they vow to learn the secrets of the Cat’s Eye to help find Melody, and defend children from the dark beings and fears that haunt them.


Color: White Cat
Rank: Cat’s Eye

Scared D. Weapon: Light of Ra
Biggest Fear: Children in danger


Color: Ginger Tabby Cat
Rank: Team Leader
Scared D. Weapon: Cat’s Claw

Biggest Fear: Not having purpose

Scratch’s devotion to his team, along with his bravery, gained him the rank of team leader. Scratch was born in an animal control shelter and his claws were inhumanely removed after fighting off dogs in the adoption yard. As a result, his paws were left scarred and he lost the use of his left paw.

His mother took great care of him as a kitten, but they were torn apart when she was euthanized after trying to protect her precious Scratch, leaving him to fend for himself as a helpless cub behind the tough bars of the animal shelter. His disability made him less desirable than the other animals so he was never chosen for adoption. This gave him a deep yearning for purpose, and a reason to help other helpless and scared animals who ended up inside the cold shelter.

He inherited the powerful “Cat’s Claw” weapon from Captain Thriller, which now gives his left paw regular mobility, and allows him to use bionic claws; something he’s only envisioned in his dreams. Scratch acts confident and takes initiative, but his disability and never being chosen for adoption makes him secretly insecure. Something that constantly plagues him to this day, but his team helps him remember where he truly belongs: as the leader and defender of The Scare D. Cats!

Cali is a wide-eyed, thoughtful, inquisitive young cub just looking for a family to call his own.  He once had a loving home and family but things got turned upside down when his father and owner went missing. Abandoned and hungry, Cali and his mother decided to go looking for them, but on their journey they were attacked by predators. Sadly, Cali’s mom sacrificed herself to save her young son.

Orphaned and alone, he continued on with his search, fighting to survive on the streets  and is now on a “mission” to find his long-lost father.  Being smaller and not knowing much of the world, his fears and struggles get the best of him at times, but he is determined and brave at heart, and has the potential to be a strong leader someday.

Calico cats are genetically mostly female, making him truly special and unique. However, being different he got mocked on the streets which made him insecure, until he met his future team member “Stormy”. She took him under her “paw” and showed him how being unique is a blessing.  He looks up to her for her independent nature and they have become best  furriends for life.

Their meeting was destiny, and led them to their future with The Scare D. Cats!


Color: Calico Cat
Rank: Right-Claw

Scared D. Weapon: EctoBlaster
Biggest Fear: Not being brave enough


Color: Siamese Cat
Rank: Left-Claw

Scared D. Weapon: PlasmaBlaster
Biggest Fear: Abusive humans

Stormy is from the streets and considers herself an outsider. She is tough, smart, sassy and knows all the dark corners of the streets. She used her wits and underworld cat connections to survive life in the rough city. Stormy and her little sister Misty were neglected and abused by their owners, until the day Stormy made a plan for them to run away. Unfortunately, Misty didn’t survive the dangerous escape. Stormy blames herself for convincing her sister to run away with her and not being able to save her. She is typically friendly, but her insecurities and history of abuse tend to make her push others away.

She has one, uniquely-colored, pink eye, which she was constantly mocked for on the streets. She was ashamed thinking it brings others “bad luck” until she met her friend Cali and The Scare D. Cats, which helped her realize she has the family and support she has always desperately longed for. Her frisky attitude, charisma and appreciation for her new family makes her a strong and loyal Scaredy Cat for life!

Butler thinks he’s God’s gift to cats. He’s sarcastic, tells a lot of “litter box” jokes – and acts like he always has things in control, but seldom does. Butler pretends to be better and more pedigree than the other cats. He was born in a wealthy home among pure-bred cats that were pampered and sold for profit by their owners. However, he hides a dark secret. He was born a runt and his owners didn’t see any true value in him as a kitten. He was placed in a plastic bag and buried in a dumpster one cold morning. He survived and since then, he grew up on the streets and uses his wit to cover up his perceived shortcomings, and his deep longing for a true family.

He wears a bow tie that was given to him by his mentor, a street-smart swindler named TOMCAT that saved him and took him under his wing early on, but tragically lost his life when Butler was still a young cat. Butler is a handful, but is a strong fighter, loyal and good at heart. The Scare D. Cats can always rely on his wits, and are able to make him feel like he finally has a family and home to call his own.


Color: Tuxedo Cat
Rank: Back-Claw

Scared D. Weapon: HydraBlaster
Biggest Fear: Being alone


Color: Maine Coon Cat
Rank: Back-Claw

Scared D. Weapon: SonicBlasters
Biggest Fear: Not being smart enough

Munchy is a hefty and lovable Maine Coon cat.  He is strong, very friendly and playful, but his absent mindedness, strong appetite, and selfish instincts cause him to make wrong decisions at times – which constantly leads him and the team into trouble. He is a natural talent with technology and is constantly fixing and updating the team’s Scare D. Weapons and cat gadgets. He tinkers and puts things together to create new inventions that help the team on their missions.

Munchy lived with a lonely, elderly cat-lady who had a disease that caused her to slowly forget who she was. She would wander around their house, lost and afraid and passed away tragically. Homeless and lonely, Munchy went to an animal shelter, where he finally found new purpose, and a family with The Scare D. Cats.

Fear Creepers are dark, shadowy supernatural creatures that feed on human fear. Most adult humans refuse to believe in their existence, so they pass off these dangerous creatures as mere shadows, or fragments of the imagination. Because of this, the Fear Creepers target human children-who are easily frightened. Knowing that adults will not believe their children when they claim to see a monsters under the bed or in the closet, Creepers haunt children and are now taking them to feed on their fears.

The only defense against them is the light from a cat’s eyes, which can illuminate these creatures, and even destroy their dark core. Fortunately, there are brave guardians like the Scaredy Cats that will stand together and defend children from these frightening monsters.


Color: Shadow


Color: Luminous

Phobeous – The Fear Master is a dark deity from THE BLAKK BEYOND – a dimension on the other side made up of pure fear, greed and hatred. Phobeous uses his Creepers to manipulate humans and spread lies and fear across humanity. He knows people’s greatest fears, and uses these anxieties and insecurities to make humans do terrible things to each other.

His main objective is to bring the darkness to our world and dominate life as we know it. The Scaredy Cats know he is a great threat to humanity, so they must unite together, as a family to try to stop Phobeous and the hate filled army of Fear Creepers that listen to his every command.