The Scaredy Cats is a series of interactive books, animated episodes, and products centered around six, courageous cats who form a team to defend the world from the paranormal creatures that haunt children at night. In the tradition of popular 80’s fantasy films and team-based Saturday morning cartoons, The Scaredy Cats are on their way to take over the youth entertainment market!

Why a Team of Cats?

Unless you’re from another planet, you know that cats absolutely dominate the internet. 36 million households in the U.S. alone own and adore cats. Yet as popular as cats are, there is still no cat-centric form of family entertainment that has truly explored the mysteries of cat mythology, or the unique and humorous traits that have made cats such an endearing part of pop culture.
The Scaredy Cats are finally here to give pet fans the brave and comedic heroes they’ve been waiting for. The haunting and hair-raising premise of their battles with the world’s dark forces will appeal to today’s youth, and adult audiences alike, who love binge-worthy supernatural mysteries, superhero team movies, and horror.

The Scaredy Cats also delivers laugh-out-loud pet humor, delivering a mix of eye-roll worthy puns, side slapping “dad jokes,” and pop culture references that all generations can appreciate. It’s this combination of “catitude,” action-packed storytelling, and relatable comedy that has the potential to make this franchise an adored, sweeping, social phenomenon.

Franchise Potential

Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things… what do all these series have in common? They are all hundred-million dollar properties and a part of entertainment history. It’s no coincidence that they all have a supernatural premise. The reality is, we love the mysteries of the paranormal. Thunderstorms, creaky old houses, ghosts, and mysterious, magical powers. Add a compelling hero’s journey and a cast of memorable characters, and you have a winning formula that will stand the test of time.
700 Million
460 Million
7.66 Billion
Fantasy series are a successful and growing phenomenon. They’re not only for underground fans anymore. They now have the potential to break into pop culture goliaths. Fans pour hundreds of billions of dollars into films, video games, merchandise, collectibles, and theme park attractions each year. With culturally viral properties dominating the entertainment market, we would like to introduce children and adults to a completely original series.

Demographic: Fandom Ready

The Scaredy Cats is fun, action based, family entertainment, but it does feature dark visuals, and touches upon some thought-provoking subjects. We feel that any child that loved a pet team-up series like “Paw Patrol,” but has outgrown the juvenile nature of their premise, is ready for the depth and life lessons that The Scaredy Cats has to offer.
With that being said, The Scaredy Cats is in no way “just for kids.” The sharp cat “puns” and witty banter will have comedy fans of any age in stitches. The ‘80s references and nods to retro after-school cartoons, iconic films, and horror influences that inspired the series will have any lover of ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia wanting more. The series sets a uniquely dark but comedic tone that has the potential to create a dedicated fandom of all ages.

Scares With a Positive Twist

So now that you understand the concept from the surface level and why it would sell a bajillion “cat” toys (see what we did there?) let’s get serious and talk about what really makes this franchise special.
These cats don’t just hunt and catch simple ghosts. There is an actual psychological purpose involved. The real premise of the franchise is about helping young people learn to deal with anxiety, and the fears of modern-day life. Our heroes help them conquer their fears in an emotional, entertaining and heartfelt way.
The stories, at their core, contain global themes about bullying, abuse, and abandonment; they explore the idea of finding your place in the world, dealing with insecurities, and overcoming fears by working with others that share similar struggles. The Scaredy Cats teaches contemporary adolescents that they must band together, focusing on their similarities over their differences, in order to save the world from the growing plague of fear and anxiety that haunts us all.
Along with the fun, heroic, premise of banding misfits together to create a powerhouse team, we also focus on the important issues being faced by unsheltered and unadopted animals. Animal rights and safety narratives are woven into each character’s backstory. The team combat and raise awareness on important issues like animal neglect, abuse, and the need for family and adoption.