One of the best parts about a franchise centered around a spooky premise is all of the high-concept merchandise we get to produce. Not only will the merchandise be based around the characters and premise, but we are also going to feature a fun new way to interact with the Scraedy Cat world. We are branding it as “InSCAREactive™” technology and every piece of merchandise will feature a clever and unique way to interact with our spooky cat universe. Mobile Story Apps will feature “Tap and Scare” areas on each page that when tapped, will trigger a previously unseen creature to lunge forward on the page along with a scary sound effect to produce a fun, InSCAREactive™ jump scare for the reader.

Books with feature glow in the dark and LED panels within the story art showcasing creatures and spooky elements of the story that eerily glow or only appear under dark conditions. T-shirts, backpacks and apparel will feature similar glowing InSCAREactive™ haunted elements within the art as well.

Toys of each unique cat team member will feature a battery powered, uniquely colored LED light within each Scare D. weapon that when pressed, will produce a creepy InSCAREactive™ sound effect and shine a colorful silhouette (GOBO) of a spooky creature on the wall. The exclusive InSCAREactive™ logo will be an integral part of the marketing campaign to help bring a new level of creativity and uniqueness to the Scaredy Cats brand that no similar products on the market can compete with today.