It’s a well known fact that cats can see in the dark, but that’s not all they can see. They also have the secret ability to see and fight off the haunted things that creep under the bed and go bump in the night.

Armed with high-tech laser pointers and sonic flea collars, a team of six abandoned cats who call themselves “Scare Defenders” (better known as “The Scare D. Cats”),  embark on a hair raising adventure to save the world from shadowy creatures who prey on children’s fear.


In ancient times, Egyptians worshiped cats, and revered them as the defenders of the dark.  A long-forgotten legend tells of the brave felines, who guarded humanity from the dark spirits that terrify people in the night.

You see, these shadowy “Fear Creepers” were no match for the glowing eyes of a cat. The reflective properties that help cats see in the dark doubled as a powerful weapon that could expose and destroy these creatures of darkness. This ability was called their “Cat’s Eye,” and a powerful weapon it was!
Egyptian cat guardians loyally defended their humans for centuries, but as science and civilization progressed, mankind became skeptical and stopped believing in the supernatural. The idea that animals protected humans from ghostly “monsters” became a silly superstition. Cats were pushed into the shadows, where they eventually forgot their true purpose. As time went on, they became nothing more than skiddish night scavengers and selfish house pets.
Humans dismissed the tales of these ancient hauntings as mere ghost stories and folklore, but that didn’t stop the Fear Creepers from spreading fear and anxiety, like a virus, throughout the population. They began by targeting the most vulnerable humans – children – by haunting them in the night and feeding off their fears. The creature under the bed, the monster in the closet – they were all real! But with no one to believe the children’s terrified cries, they grew up with life-long anxiety, untrusting of the world around them, and resentful of one another.
Now it’s present day, and anxiety is at an all-time high. Fear is causing humans to do terrible things to each other – crime, abuse, segregation – all of which is creating the perfect feeding-ground for the Fear Creepers. With no one to stop them, they’ve been poised to achieve their ultimate goal: bringing darkness over the human world and dominating life as we know it.
That is, until one fateful night, when six, abandoned, misfit, cats cross paths in a dark, prison-like animal shelter. Each dealing with their own neglected and abusive pasts, these young, unwanted cats come to realize that they all long for the same basic things: a family, a home, and a sense of purpose.
Late one stormy night, a series of dramatic events forces the cats to flee the shelter after it catches fire, and seek refuge in a creepy, abandoned, mansion. Cold, hungry, and all alone, their fear attracts the Fear Creepers from the shadows. They begin to hunt and torment the cats!

Scared and in disbelief, the cats run away from the creatures and stumble into an old, mysterious, black cat named Thriller. Just like them, Thriller was abandoned by humanity and left to fend for himself, alone in the mansion.

Thriller has a haunted past, and holds a dark secret: how to combat these vicious, fear-eating creatures. Battle-worn, but beginning to see a new ray of hope, Thriller teaches the young cats about their forgotten guardian history, and trains them how to use their legendary cat abilities.

Armed with this new knowledge,  and a few Scare Defense Weapons (Scare D. Weapons) made up of laser pointers and modified sonic flea collars, the cats form a new team of defenders on a mission to redeem their ancestors’ heritage.

The abandoned cats must each face and conquer their own insecurities in order to become the family they’ve always longed for. But will the Scare D. Cats be able to prove the legend true, and save the world’s children from this haunting plague of living fear?