It is well known that cats can see in the dark, but that’s not all they can see. A long-lost Egyptian legend told of guardian cats who could use their glowing eyes to defend against the haunting spirits that terrified humans in the night.

When six unwanted cats cross paths in a dark, haunted animal shelter, they soon discover a mysterious black cat who teaches them that cats and their glowing eyes are more important than they seem, and embark on a hair-raising adventure to defend the world from shadowy creatures who prey on children’s fear.

Egyptian cat guardians defended humans for centuries, but as civilization progressed, mankind became skeptical and stopped believing in the supernatural. The idea that animals protected humans from ghostly “monsters” became a silly superstition.

Cats were pushed into the shadows, where they eventually forgot their true purpose. As time went on, they became nothing more than fearful night scavengers and selfish house pets.

Humans dismissed these ancient hauntings as mere ghost stories and folklore, but that didn’t stop the Fear Creepers from lurking within the shadows. Since adults refused to believe in the supernatural, Creepers began targeting children – haunting them at the night and feeding off their fears.

The creature under the bed, the monster in the closet – they were all real! But with no one to believe a child’s terrified cries, they grew up with life-long anxiety, untrusting of the world around them, and resentful of one another.

It is now present day, and anxiety is at an all-time high. The fear and insecurity these creatures create is causing humans to do terrible things to each other – bullying, crime, violence, abuse – all of which has helped crack open a dark fear portal to the other side. With no one to stop these shadowy predators from invading our world, they’re ready to cover us in darkness and dominate life as we know it.

That is, until one fateful night, when six, abandoned, young cats cross paths in a dark, prison-like animal shelter. Each dealing with their own neglected and abusive pasts, these unwanted misfits come to realize that they all long for the same basic things: a family, a home, and a sense of purpose.

Late that night, as a heavy thunderstorm ripped through the skies, a lightning strike ignited a haunting fire that spread throughout the shelter. The cats soon realized they were the only ones agile enough to reach the cage locks high above. They climbed the towering bars – jumping from cage to cage over the dangerous flames, and heroically helped all of the trapped animals escape the burning facility.

The overwhelmed cats scrambled off into the harsh storm, and must take shelter in an abandoned mansion. Cold, hungry, and alone, their anxiety began to attract the dreaded Fear Creepers from the shadows. The vicious creatures hunted and attacked the frightened cats!

Scared and in disbelief, the cats are saved by a mysterious black cat who roams the desolate manor. He is the sole survivor of an experimental group of lab cats that military scientists had discovered could use their glowing eyes to track and eliminate malicious, paranormal entities.
Tragically, his cat team was lost during an investigation of the fear portal, and the top-secret cat program was terminated. Wounded, the black cat was abandoned in the old laboratory.

Knowing the imminent Creeper threat, the black cat sees a new glimmer of hope, and teaches the determined young cats about their forgotten guardian history, and trains them how to use their paranormal hunting, Cat’s Eye abilities.

Armed with this new knowledge,  and the last remaining Scare D. Weapons (Scare Defense Weapons) hidden within the depths of the mansion laboratory, the cats team up on a mission to save humanity from the Fear Creepers that haunt them in the night.

But they soon come face to face with their most frightening challenge: will they follow their fearful instincts and abandon each other? Or will they conquer their darkest fears by dealing with their haunted pasts, and open up their broken hearts to become the family they’ve always longed for and fulfill their ancestors’ legacy?

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