When six abandoned cats discover that their glowing eyes can see and defend against the supernatural, they embark on a terrifying adventure to save the world from shadowy creatures who are taking children to feed on their fears...

Who are The Scaredy Cats?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many bizarre superstitions about cats?

Can they really see the dead?  Why do their eyes glow? Why did Ancient Egyptians worship them as protectors of the underworld, and what could have happened that made them the fearful scavengers they are today?

Now what if I told you all of these dark legends were somehow… true?

The Scaredy Cats™ is an animated adventure that finally explores the mysterious folklore and mythology about our beloved house cats, and weaves together a compelling new dark fairy tale that harkens back to the renaissance days of hand-drawn “Disney” and “Don Bluth” animation.

Our Ghost Story

Our haunted adventure centers around six abandoned shelter cats trying to find their purpose in today’s harsh world. Their longing for acceptance and family thrusts them into the middle of a terrifying ghost story, when they stumble upon a mysterious and magical black cat who teaches them about the CAT’S EYE: an ancient Egyptian legend  and power that allows their glowing eyes to see and defend  against the dark spirits that haunt humans in the night.

They must soon fight their fearful instincts and face their tragic pasts if they are to team up and go on a dangerous mission to defend a haunted town’s children from FEAR CREEPERS: horrifying shadow creatures that are stealing neglected children to feed on their fears.

Their suspenseful and heartwarming  coming-of-age journey will test their friendship and beg the question: can a group of unwanted “Scaredy Cats” become heroes too?

A New Fairy Tale for generations to come

Do you remember those classic animated fairy tales? The beautiful hand painted landscapes, the dark moonlit forests and haunted castles. And who could forget the charismatic heroes who put their lives on the line to save the town from the  magical villain?

Each character would inspire us to wish on a star and fight our inner struggles to make our dreams come true. Every new film would introduce rich new worlds of wonder, with lesson filled stories that we could learn from and pass on from generation to generation.

Unfortunately, It seems like a lifetime ago that we saw a new traditionally animated  fairy tale. Well, what if I told you we are going to introduce to the world an entirely new fairy tale to inspire generations to come? We are meticulously crafting our world and lore with the same dedication and passionate storytelling as the films that inspired us all to wish on a star and fight for what we believe in.

The Scaredy Cats™ is being developed  in a traditional, hand-drawn  2D animation style not seen since the renaissance days of animated features, but mixed with fresh and innovative animation techniques. Taking visual cues and nods  from classic Don Bluth films,  greatly inspired by Disney’s fairy tale magic, and mixed with the team-based, 80’s Saturday morning heroics we grew to love, The Scaredy Cats™ will spark memories of a long-loved, but now abandoned art form. 

Our attention to traditional detail and classic character design will give the viewer feelings of nostalgia, but through a completely new and original animated universe and premise. Add a compelling, character driven horror mystery ala  “Harry Potter” and “Stranger Things”, and you have a binge-worthy formula that has the potential to become a classic all its own.

Cats can be heroes too

Unless you’re from another planet, you know that cats absolutely dominate the internet. 36 million households in the U.S. alone own and adore cats. Yet as popular as cats are, there is still no cat-centric form of family entertainment that has truly explored the mysterious, superstitious mythology behind house cats, or the unique and eccentric traits that have made cats such an endearing part of pop culture.

The Scaredy Cats are finally here to give fantasy fans the frisky, complex and comedic heroes they’ve been waiting for. The haunting and hair-raising premise will appeal to today’s youth and adult audiences alike who love binge-worthy supernatural mysteries and witty fairy tale adventures.

Along with our haunted magical premise, we also focus on important issues being faced by today’s youths. Our story and character struggles raise awareness on important issues like bullying, stereotypes, neglect, abuse, and the need for family, tolerance and acceptance.

Franchise Potential: Fandom Ready

Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, Stranger Things… what do all these series have in common? They are all hundred-million dollar properties and a part of entertainment history. It’s no coincidence that they all have a supernatural premise. The reality is, we love the mysteries of the paranormal.
700 Million
460 Million
7.66 Billion

Supernatural series are not only for underground fans anymore. They have now become a part of pop culture. Fans pour hundreds of billions of dollars into films, video games, merchandise, collectibles, and theme park attractions each year. These properties have generated viral buzz and social conversation, becoming much more than just a simple piece of entertainment.

The Scaredy Cats sets that same buzzworthy tone, blending the dark and chilling atmosphere of a classic horror flick, with mysterious and shocking reveals along the way. Add comedy and memorable heartfelt moments and characters, and you have a winning formula that has the potential to break into pop culture and create a dedicated fandom of all ages.